Over $900k!


The Break the Bonds campaign has received over $900,000 in pledges! That’s great news, and we are grateful for the blessings God continues to rain on St. Margaret’s.

The campaign is changing gears now, as we try to make sure we’ve touched base with all the households we haven’t heard from. We’re checking to make sure everyone is  OK, and to find out if there is anything else that St. Margaret’s church family can be doing to care for them.

Vestry Retreat

This past weekend St. Margaret’s Vestry spent their annual retreat at St. Andrew’s House on Hood Canal. Although there was still snow on the ground, we were blessed with a break in the weather, and we had the chance to appreciate the spllendor of God’s creation.at St. Andrew's House

It was an optimistic gathering, as we took stock of where the last year and our Break the Bonds campaingn had left us. Continue reading

Becoming a Great Church

On New Year’s Day, I attended Sunday services at the Community Bible Church in St. Regis, Montana. The forty or so people in the pews comfortably filled the little sanctuary, as they listened to Pastor Mike’s sermon. The new pastor had only been installed for about six weeks, and he had big plans for the congregation. His sermon was based on a passage from Isaiah, but his message was about the future of their church. Pastor Mike had a vision he wanted to share with everyone. He saw the St. Regis Community Bible Church transforming itself from a good church to a great church. Continue reading

All-Church Brunch

The All-Church Brunch held December 11 was a truly inspirational event. It was wonderful to take time to remember what a warm and caring community we share at Saint Margaret’s. The turn out was fantastic, the speakers were moving, and the food was delicious.
We owe great thanks to Doris Coppess and Pam Nordquist and their small army of helpers who put on the brunch for us. Thanks also to Mary Armendariz and her relentless team of callers who beat the bushes to get as many of us as possible to come.
The time we share in simple fellowship reminds us of how blessed we are to be a part of Saint Margaret’s.

Advance Commitment Gathering


The Advance Commitment event last Sunday was a great success. Many thanks to those who attended, and to those who served.

Commitment cards are being returned, and pledges for debt reduction are already being filled. A separate bank account has been established for proceeds from the debt reduction campaign to ensure that funds pledged for that purpose are not mingled with funds pledged to the operating fund. Everyone wants to see the maximum possible amount applied to reducing the bonds’ principal.

The rest of the congregation will be asked to return their commitment cards on Sunday, Dec. 18. We have a great start, and with your help our goal is within reach.

The All-Church Brunch is this Sunday at 10:00 am following the single 8:45 am service. During the brunch there will be a Children’s St. Nicholas party in the undercroft.

Reviewing the Day of Prayer

by Colin Charlton

The Break the Bonds campaign is essentially a discernment process on a communal and personal basis, and any spiritual discernment should be rooted and grounded in prayer. To catalyze this process, we offered a committed day of prayer on Saturday, November 5, from sunrise to sunset for adults, in the Sanctuary, with complementary programs held for children and youth.

The intent was not to sit as a group and offer prosperity prayers “dear Lord send us a bunch of money”. Rather, the day was designed to create a contemplative environment where each of us might get in touch with the Kingdom within. Continue reading